What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are entrepreneurs who are able to work remotely – from their homes, so called coworking spaces, coffee shops or wherever they have access to stable WIFI – and live in a nomadic manner.

They are not forced to stay in only one place. Therefore many digital nomads combine working and travelling and work where others go on vacation.



LOVE YOUR DIGITAL NOMAD (or just LYDN) is a campaign started by the digital nomad Barbara Riedel to raise people’s awareness on this new movement. The idea is to do this by distributing the LYDN stickers all over the world. This is called sticker bombing.

Over the past years, sticker bombing has become quite common in many large cities. It is also referred to as “engaged art”, as stickers are often distributed by many people (organized through personal relations or social networking sites) and reach places the artists themselves have never been to.

Barbara is a freelance translator and interpreter. As such she took part in another sticker bombing campaign: LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR.

She was fascinated by this way to make people aware of a profession that she started the LYDN campaign. Like this we hope to reach many people who had never heard of digital nomads before.

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